Liste 2020

Die Loop-Autor/innen haben – wie jedes Jahr – ihre Plattenschränke aufgeräumt und ihre Favoriten für Dich aufgelistet.

Philipp Anz

Kelly Lee Owens: Inner Song
Nadine Shah: Kitchen Sink
Fountaines D.C.: A Hero’s Death
Cornershop: England Is A Garden
Dana Gavanski: Yesterday Is Gone
Bill Callahan: Gold Record
Waxahatchee: Saint Cloud
Porridge Radio: Every Bad
Ela Minus: Acts of Rebellion
Habibi: Anywhere But Here

Michael Gasser

Courtney Marie Andrews: Old Flowers
The Secret Sisters: Saturn Return
Bill Fay: Countless Branch
Frazey Ford: U Kin B the Sun
Johanna Warren: Chaotic Good
Bill Callahan: Gold Record
Tunng: Presents … Dead Club
This Is The Kit: Off Off On
Brigid Mae Power: Head Above the Water
Gillian Welch: Boots No. 2

Reto Aschwanden

Dool: Summerland
Destination Lonely: Nervous Breakdown
Eternal Champion: Ravening Iron
Annie Taylor: Sweet Mortality
Big Zis: 4xLove
Jarv Is: Beyond the Pale
Sofia Portanet: Freier Geist
Antoine Corriveau: Pissenlit
Céu: Apká!
Riki: Riki

Jürg Odermatt

Die Aeronauten: Neun Extraleben
Nadja Zela: Greetings to Andromeda – Requiem
Róisín Murphy: Róisín Machine
Die Buben im Pelz: Kodachrom / Bella Ciao (7“)
Louis Jucker: Something Went Wrong
Bill Callahan: Gold Record
Kneubühler: Acquarossa Megadrive
Flaming Lips: American Head
Manuel Stahlberger / Bit Tuner: I därä Show
Run the Jewels: RTJ4

Thomas Bohnet

Benjamin Biolay: Grand Prix
Der Englische Garten: Bei Tag und Nacht
Algiers: There Is No Year
Louis Philippe & The Night Mail: Thunderclouds
Herman Düne: Notes from Vinegar Hill
Liraz: Zan
Phonoboy: Love and Let Die
Lucinda Williams: Good Souls Better Angels
Sophie Hunger: Halluzinationen
Dionysos: Surprisier

Sandro Vallarsa

Drive-By Truckers: The Unraveling
The Hold Steady: Heaven is Whenever
The Replacements: Pleased to Meet Me (Deluxe
The War on Drugs: Live Drugs
Pearl Jam: Gigaton
Drive-By Truckers: The New Ok
The Jayhawks: XOXO
Jerry Joseph: The Beautiful Madness
Die Aeronauten: Neun Extraleben
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever: Sideways to
New Italy

Philipp Niederberger

Don Howland: Endgame
Jive Street Revival: Jive Street Revival
The Cavemen: Night After Night
Louder Than Death: Stop und Fick Dich
Slander Tongue: Slander Tongue
The Black Lips: Sing in a World That’s Falling
Amyl & The Sniffers: Amyl & The Sniffers
James and The Ultra Sounds: None of the Above
Martin Savage Gang: Now We’re Rolling’
Sin City: Welcome To Sin City

Philippe Amrein

The Company of Men: Sounds of the Century
Torres: Silver Tongue
Die Aeronauten: Neun Extraleben
Wilco: Summerteeth (Deluxe Edition)
Riki: Riki
Nadja Zela: Greetings to Andromeda – Requiem
Jeff Tweedy: Love Is the King
Stephen Malkmus: Traditional Techniques
Algiers: There Is No Year
Agnes Obel: Myopia

Christa Helbling

Kate NV: Room for the Moon
Leoni Leoni: Easy Sleep
King Krule: Man Alive!
Upsammy: Zoom
Kelly Lee Owens: Inner Song
Phoebe Bridgers: Punisher
Sault: Untitled (Black Is)
Kush K: Lotophagi
Sirens of Lesbos: SOL
Okay Kaya: Watch This Liquid Pour Itself

Sam Mumenthaler

Nadja Zela: Greetings to Andromeda – Requiem
Gillian Welch: Boots No. 2
Fiona Apple: Fetch the Bolt Cutters
The Jayhawks: XOXO
Tom Petty: Wildflowers & All the Rest
Bob Dylan: Rough and Rowdy Ways
Chuck Prophet: The Land That Time Forgot
Joachim Cooder: Over That Road I’m Bound
Drive-By Truckers: The Unraveling
Die Aeronauten: Neun Extraleben

Christian Pauli

Die Aeronauten: Neun Extraleben
Caribou: Suddenly
Duma: Duma
DJ Marcelle/Another Nice Mess: Totally Wired
Wire Total Mix
Friends of Gas: Kein Wetter
Kate Birch: Sound of the City
No Home: Fucking Hell
Pole: Fading
Pisse: Pisse
Sam Prekop: Comma

Benedikt Sartorius

The Soft Pink Truth: Shall We Go on Sinning So
That Grace May Increase?
Beatrice Dillon: Workaround
Space Afrika: hybtwibt
Leoni Leoni: Easy Sleep
No Home: Fucking Hell
Jeans for Jesus: 19xx_2xxx_
US Girls: Half Light
Horse Lords: The Common Task
Armand Hammer: Shrines
The Microphones: Microphones in 2020

Hanspeter Künzler

Nick Cave: Idiot Prayer
Daniel Blumberg: On and On
Shirley Collins: Heart’s Ease
Bob Dylan: Rough and Rowdy Ways
Jarv Is: Beyond the Pale
Landshapes: Contact
Michael J. Sheehy: Distance is the Soul of Beauty
Luzius Schuler: Moon is the Oldest TV
LA Salami: The Cause of Doubt and a Reason
to Have Faith
Yello: Point

Tony Lauber

Garcia Peoples: Nightcap at Wits’ End
Marcus King: El Dorado
Gretchen Peters: The Night You Wrote that
Song – The Songs of Mickey Newbury
Nathaniel Rateliff: And It’s Still Alright
Datura4: West Coast Highway Cosmic
Nubya Garcia: Source
Chris Forsyth with Garcia Peoples: Peoples
Motel Band
New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers: Vol. 1
Will Sexton: Don’t Walk the Darkness
Brownout: Berlin Sessions